Monday, July 7, 2008

to cupcake, with love

Oh, how I love, love, LOVE a cupcake. And it is with great apology that I posted about my sugar cookie project this weekend and not about the darling devil's food cupcakes I made yesterday. So sorry little cupcakes. It will never happen again.
So yesterday I made devil's food cupcakes using a recipe from chokylit's blog with vanilla buttercream icing, filled with almond flavored chocolate ganache, and decorated with fondant flowers. But first, let's talk about this ganache. I was so excited about the ganache I couldn't stand it. And me being me, rushing into things the way that I do, did not give the ganache enough time to thicken and piped a liquidy mess into the cupckaes. Biting into the pretty little cake, there was no filling to be found. It had all just seeped, deep into the chocolately goodness that was the cupcake. Luckily, I have left over ganache and will either use it to glaze a cake or fill more cupcakes later this week. Much like the cookies, my piping was a bit out of control at first, but got better as I went along. The fondant flowers turned out so cute though and sat perfectly on top of a dollop of buttercream. Every girl needs that lovely accessory to complete her outfit, and these lovely, chocolate ladies got just that.

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